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Adjustable Stirrups for Lithotomy Surgeries






OKLand® Stirrups for Lithotomy Surgeries are adjustable in all directions, they fully cater the positioning requirements of patients during Lithotomy surgeries. The stirrups greatly reduce work loads of clinical staff, enhancing surgery efficiency and safety.





【Product Advantages】


▇ All Direction Adjustment

Easy and complete control of lithotomy and abduction, enlarging operation vision field. Even during operation, clinical staff can easily reposition or adjust the legs in a sterile state. 



▇ Easy, Safe, and Accurate Adjustment

Pneumatic Lift Assist Stirrups will make it extremely easy to adjust legs to desired position. The unique design of protecting wings will help to reduce pressure on popliteal fossa and gastrocnemius muscle. In the positioning of stirrups, the boots will automatically adjust to reduce pressure on gastrocnemius muscles. Foot, ankle and calf will be fully wrapped in the protective cover pad. Positioning angles will be accurately indicated on the Meter Reader.




▇ Zero Pressure on Legs, Perfect Protection of Peroneal Nerves

The unique design of protecting wings of stirrups eliminates the potential damage to peroneal nevers, and greatly reduces pressure on claves. In high degree of lithotomy surgeries, the protecting wings will efficiently protect patients' knees. Without the protection, the knees will tend to drop outward and downward, causing stretching of groin and lumbar muscles.




Simple Operation (Only 2 Steps)



▇ Storage Cart

To easily store and transport the Stirrups.



★ Strong ABS material, safe and stable.

★ Advanced anti-slip all direction wheels, smooth, flexible, and 360 degree rotation.
★ Compact structure design greatly saves storage space.

★ Light weight, easy to move, push and pull.




Product Weight: 12KG Supporting Arm Length: 97cm
Diameter of Supporting Rod with Meter Reading: 20mm

Dimensions of Boot Support

(Long Side):605*234*301mm

(Level Side):440*220*300mm

Weight limit of patient: Maximum 180KG Range of Vertical Adjustment of Supporting Arm: ≥110°
Range of Horizontal Adjustment of Supporting Arm: Outer ≥25°, Inner ≥9° Adjustment Range of Boot Support Along Supporting Arm: 310mm