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Patient Return Electrode Pad






Using a reusable patient return electrode pad with viscoelastic polymer gel serves multiple
critical functions. The primary function is the dispersement of electrosurgical energy and in
addition, the polymer prevents pressure points, friction and shearing.





Placing the patient in direct contact with the pad provides full advantage of the pressure
reducing benefit while providing a better level of safety to that of monitoring pads. Should the
contact area that the patient has with the pad decrease to a minimal level, the reusable patient
return pad will limit current flow from the patient to the pad. By limiting the current flow, the
current density is kept sufficiently low to prevent heat building up under the pad. As a result of
this technology, OKLand® Patient Return Electrode Pad is safer than Disposable Patient
Return Electrode Pad or "Sticky" Pad. 





OKLand® Patient Return Electrode Pad is reusable and incorporates pressure reduction
capabilities that allow them to provide significant cost savings. The savings are realized on a
per-procedure basis because the pads can be disinfected and reused, limiting stocking levels
and reducing waste rather than using disposable sticky pads. Savings can also be generated
by minimizing the development of pressure sores. The cost of treating a single operating room
acquired pressure sore can be significant. 





Many factors contribute to the potential for pressure sores or decubitus ulcers and some
of these factors begin during the patient's surgical procedure. The patient's position needed
for the correct anatomical approach, the age and general health of the patient and the
procedural length of time are all contributing factors. Actions that frequently occur during the
positioning that lead to patient pressure sores include: Friction, Shearing and Direct Pressure. 





Easy and complete co. 

Model Size Description
AHD-001 120*50*1.3cm Single Cable, for adults
AHD-003 85*40*1.3cm Single Cable, for children
AHD-004 120*50*1.3cm Double Cables, for adults





● Set-up by HOUSEKEEPING―One less thing for patients to worry about!!!
● No need to find GOOD Quality Placement of patient's skin
● No Concern Regarding Adhesive Sensitive Patients
● No more shaving of patients at pad site
● Does not damage fragile skin
● Do not have to explain to patient; placement, redness, shaved area, etc.
● Environmentally friendly
● Safety - as safe as monitoring pads―NO Pad is Safer than this one so far
● Save Money!!!
● X-ray through and anti-bacteria
● Biocompatible with human tissues
● Provide TWO years warranty period for each Patient Return Electrode Pad
● Easy cleaning out
● Cost effective and durable





★ OKLand® Patient Return Electrode Pad is the auxiliary product in electrosurgery, please
follow the rules of electrosurgery strictly when using the pad.

★ A maximum contact area between the patient's skin and the pad is suggested in the case
that the surgery will not be affected.